Stock No. : 0411

London, c1690
Silver pair cases
Verge movement


This is a very early pocket watch, with a verge movement, in a silver pair case. It was made by Rey, in London, towards the end of the 17th century.

MOVEMENT : This wonderful early gilded verge fusee movement is in good, complete condition. It is signed “Rey Alondon” and is running well. There are a few scratches around the pillar pin and a short crack to the bottom right of the balance cock, but it is still strong with nothing missing.

DIAL : The white enamel dial has been restored and is a poor 19th century replacement. However the dial plate into which the movement plate is recessed, fits the movement perfectly and I believe is original.

INNER CASE : Diameter 50mm. No hallmarks (normal for a case of this age) but a worn maker’s mark (?M under a crown). The silver has a few light dents, some scratches and a short crack near the pendant which has been reattached to the case. Good high dome crystal with no damage other than some light scratches. The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut nicely.

OUTER CASE : Diameter 59mm. Again no hallmarks. The large box hinge and catch are both fine and the case closes nicely. There are a few bruises and a short split on the bezel but in overall good condition.

The movement is a perfect fit for the inner case, which itself is a perfect fit for the outer. This is a very early case and I believe is original to the movement (just a pity about the dial).

Loomes lists a Jacob Rey in London in 1720, but this movement is a little earlier than that.