Stock No. : 0406

London, c1740
Silver gilt repousse pair cases
Lever movement


silver gilt repousse pair cased watch, with a nineteenth century lever conversion.

MOVEMENT : Engraved and pierced balance cock with diamond endstone. It is signed and numbered (735). The converted lever movement is running well and is in good condition.

DIAL : The white enamel dial is about 36.5 mm in diameter. It is in good condition with no repairs but 4 light hairlines radiating from the centre and a small chip at the catch at 6 o’clock. Good original 18th century hands (not reproductions).

INNER CASE : Silver gilt, with maker’s mark INC, but no hallmarks. The gilding is complete on the inside and some wear through to the silver on the outside. The bow and pendant are gilt brass replacements and are attached by a small riveted plate. The hinge, catch and high dome bull’s eye crystal are all fine. A few dents but nothing too bad.

OUTER CASE : Silver gilt repousse case, with wear to the gilding with the silver showing through (the catch button is brass). The case is unusual in that it is cast rather than embossed, so there are no holes worn through at the high points.