Stock No. : 0365

Benjamin Harlow
Lane End, Staffs, 1800
Silver pair cases
Verge movement


This is a George III English silver pair cased pocket watch, in working condition, with an unusual centre seconds “doctors” dial, stop lever, and portrait balance cock.

MOVEMENT : Very clean, almost mint, gilded verge movement, with removable dust cover, blued screws and ‘portrait’ balance cock. It is running well, to within a minute per hour,. It is fully signed and numbered (1515).

DIAL : The large white enamel dial is about 45 mm in diameter. No repairs but several hairlines running across from left to right.

INNER CASE : Hallmarks for Birmingham 1800, maker’s mark WR. The case is in very good condition and snaps shut nicely. The high dome bull’s eye crystal is perfect. The bow and pendant are fine without the usual repaired join to the case. The silver is in very good condition with no significant scratches or dents.

OUTER CASE : A good heavy case, with matching hallmarks to the inner and again in fine condition. The hinge and catch are good and the case snaps shut properly.

Loomes list Benjamin Harlow at Lane End (now Longton), Staffordshire from 1793. The case includes 3 nice old watch papers from Stoke, Burslem and Shelton (all Staffordshire).