Stock No. : 0287

William Pybus
London, c1790
Gilt case
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : The verge movement is held between the two dial plates. The brass balance, under the front dial, is held by a plain brass bridge rather than an engraved balance cock (because it is never visible). The movement wheels, barrel and pillars (which are visible) between the plates are gilded.
The movement is running well, to within one minute per hour. A stop lever on the side of the movement allows the watch to be stopped and restarted.
The motion work under both dials is complete and all functions are working.

FRONT DIAL : This is the dial which is under the hinged cover and through which the movement is wound.
This signed white enamel dial is about 44mm in diameter. Centre seconds, with three subsidiary dials. These are for hours, calendar date and balance regulation.
The enamel is perfect except for two hairlines, one between the winding hole and the edge, the other from the winding hole, through the calendar and down towards the bottom of the dial.
All gold coloured hands (and rim to the winding hole) except for the regulator which is brass.

BACK DIAL : This white enamel dial is about 42mm in diameter. Normal centre hours and minutes but also a lunar calendar dial marked up to 29 and a half. The quarters are marked with new, half and full moons.
This enamel is perfect except for one light hairline, running from the centre towards 6 o’clock.
Gold coloured hour and minute hands and blued steel calendar hand.

CASE : This is a large gilt/brass case, just over 60mm in diameter, engraved with flowers and garlands around each bezel. Both hinges are fine and although the movement catch doesn’t work, the main catch is fine and the cover snaps shut nicely. The back high dome crystal is excellent. The front high dome bull’s eye crystal has a few tiny chips, right on the edge and almost hidden by the bezel. The case has no dents, scratches or repairs. The gilding is in good condition with very little wear.

This is a very rare and fascinating watch, in very nice working condition.
Loomes list William Pybus in London as a member of the Clockmaker’s Company between 1788 and 1794.