Stock No. : 0239

Simon De Charmes
London, c1700
Gilt/shagreen pair cases
Verge quarter repeating movement


This is a very rare and early watch. The verge movement, with hour/quarter repeating, is in a gilt inner and green shagreen outer pair case. This watch was made around 1700 so is a very early repeater.

MOVEMENT : Signed S. Decharme, London. Five unusual ornamental baluster pillars and nice large pierces balance cock with wide ‘D’ shaped foot. The movement incorporates an hour/quarter repeating function which is activated by the pushing down the stem. The repeater mechanism has two hammers which strike the bell once for each hour and twice for quarter.

Both watch movement and repeating function are working well. The watch runs to within a minute per hour and the repeater has a good clear chime, though the quarter chime needs some synchronisation with the movement as it is about 5 minutes out.

The cream coloured enamel dial is about 41.5mm in diameter. It is in very nice condition with no hairlines scratches. This watch would originally have had a gilt champleve dial, but like may of these early watches, the dial was changed to a more fashionable enamel dial, probably later in the 18th century. The high dome crystal is fine.

Really beautiful matching gold beetle and poker hands (originals, not reproductions).

INNER CASE : The gilt/brass innner case is in very good condition. The hinge is fine and the case snaps shut nicely. No dents or bad scratches except for one tiny crack on the back, near the bottom. The gilding is excellent with very little wear. This outer case is 50.5mm in diameter.

OUTER CASE : The gilt/brass and green shagreen outer case is also in very good condition. The hinge is perfect, as is the catch and release button. No dents or other damage to the metalwork. The shagreen covering is a good strong green colour and is remarkably complete, with just some really tiny pieces missing around the rim. The case is pierced with 24 holes to enhance the sound of the bell. These holes are edged with small brass rims, and 3 or the 24 (all on the back) are missing.

This is a very rare and beautiful early watch, by a fine well known maker. It is in excellent, but also original condition (later dial) with no signs of repair.

Loomes lists Simon De Charmes in London between 1685 and 1730. The style of this movement dates the watch to around 1700.