Stock No. : 0128

John Archambo
London, c1730
Silver pair cases
Verge movement


This is a small, very early, English pocket watch, with a verge escapement fusee movement, in a later consular silver case, made by John Archambo of London in around 1730.

MOVEMENT : The nice little gilt movement is running well, to within a couple of minutes per hour. It is signed and numbered (1079). Nice wide D shaped, balance cock, beautifully pierced and engraved. Square pillars and worm screw mainspring set up.

DIAL : A very nice early enamel dial, only 32mm across, with just a little wear around the edges and around the catch at 6 o’clock.
Old brass hands.

CASE : A later silver case, with Swedish hallmarks for 1844. Engraved on the back with the name F. U. Lin. Excellent condition throughout. The bull’s eye crystal is also fine.

An interesting old key, also with old Swedish hallmarks (3 crowns).

John Archambo was a very early 18th century London watchmaker who is most well known for a watch with a musical movement made around 1720.