Stock No. : 0108

Thomas Hooker
London, c1780
Gilt pair cases
Verge movement

MOVEMENT : Signed and numbered (6566) gilded movement. Beautifully engraved and pierced balance cock. It is running well.

DIAL : The signed white enamel dial is about 40 mm in diameter. It is in good condition with one light hairline running through the subsidiary dial and another under the signature. A few light scratches.

INNER CASE : Maker’s mark IN. The hinge is in good condition and the case closes nicely. High dome bull’s eye crystal in good condition with no damage or wear. The bow and pendant are fine without the usual repaired join to the case. The gilding is almost complete with the only major loss to the pendant and bow. The case has no serious dents, bad scratches or excessive wear.

OUTER CASE : Matching maker’s mark to the inner. The hinge, catch and button are fine and the case closes nicely. Some shallow dents on the back and most of the gilding is worn down to the brass.

Loomes lists Thomas Hooker around 1750 although this watch dates from a little later.