Automaton verge with Royal motifs

Stock No. 1982

J. Breadney
English, 1814
Silver pair cases, 57 mm
Verge escapement


A rare automaton dial watch in silver pair cases, with the Royal crest of George III.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance cock and plate. Four round baluster pillars, and small blued steel regulator disk.

The balance cock is beautifully engraved and pierced, showing a portrait in profile (George III), the Royal coat of arms with lion and unicorn, the Royal motto (DIEU ET MOM DROIT) and the Royal cipher of King George (GR).

Signed J. Breadney and dated 1814.

Working, and in good condition.

DIAL : Polychrome enamel dial, showing a military scene. Beautifully painted, with castle and marching red coated soldiers. The soldiers can be seen marching across the door of the castle. This aperture exposes a disk on the dial plate which rotates. This disk is painted with four marching soldiers.

The dial is in good condition, with just a small crack on the edge at 8, and a very light and short hairline from the edge at 6:30.

Blued steel hands.

INNER CASE : Silver, with Birmingham hallmarks for 1813/14, and case maker’s mark WH.

In very good condition., with just a few tiny dings. The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut.

The high dome bull’s eye crystal is good, with no chips and just some light scratches.

OUTER CASE : A silver pair case, with hallmarks and maker’s mark matching the inner.

Again in very good condition, with just some small, light bruises. The catch button is dented, but the catch and hinge are fine and the case snaps shut.

The case maker is William Howard of Coventry.