Stock No. M174

James McCabe
London, c1820
Ruby duplex movement

Price £200

MOVEMENT : Signed (Jas., McCabe, Royal Exchange, LONDON) and numbered (8017).

Gilded movement with duplex escapement, jewelling to balance and escape wheel, blued steel screws and four round pillars. Heavy gold balance wheel fitted with compensation screws.

The movement is protected by a removable gilt dustcap, signed and numbered as the movement.

MOVEMENT CONDITION : Complete, in good condition, though with a scratch through the signature.
Although the balance swings freely, the movement is not running, due to damage to the ruby roller at the base of the balance staff (see photo).
The motion wheels are present.

MOVEMENT SIZE : 4.9 mm between the plates. Potence plate 40.6 mm. Dial plate 43.75 mm. Dial false plate 45.5 mm.

DIAL : White enamel with subsidiary seconds. Blued steel hands.

DIAL CONDITION : In excellent condition, except for one short, light hairline from the edge at 12. The hands are prefect.

The serial number on this movement dates it to about 1820.