Early London verge by Henry Neve

Stock No. M152

Henry Neve
London, c1720
Verge escapement movement & dial


This is a fine early 18thc verge escapement movement, with a slightly later, mid 18thc enamel dial, all in very good condition and running well.

MOVEMENT : Gilded verge movement, with finely engraved and pierced balance cock, with large diamond endstone. Signed (Hen. Neve, LONDON). Four square pillars, blues screws and worm screw mainspring set up.

MOVEMENT CONDITION : In very good condition throughout and running well.

MOVEMENT SIZE : 7.35 mm between the plates. Top plate 36 mm. Dial plate 36.5 mm.

DIAL : Enamel dial, in excellent condition with just a few light surface scratches. No hands but complete with motion wheels.

DIAL SIZE : 36.35 mm. (dial false plate 38.25 mm.).

Henry Neve is listed at The Strand, London between about 1700 and 1725.