Gold Enamel Verge by Soret

Stock No. 1347
Isaac Soret & Fils,  Geneva, c1765
Gold & enamel pair cases, 43 mm.
Verge escapement


A fine mid 18th century Swiss watch, in gold pair cases, with beautiful enamel decoration.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance cock with ruby or garnet endstone, four square pillars, and silver regulator disk. Signed (Isaac Soret & Fils) and numbered (9633).

The movement is protected by a removable gilt dustcap, signed and numbered as the movement.

This movement is in good condition, and is running well.

DIAL : Signed white enamel dial in almost perfect condition, with just some very fine scratches.
Good original 18th century gold hands.

INNER CASE : Yellow gold, with maker’s mark IA and serial number matching the movement (9633). The construction of this case is unusual, with a ridge around the band which allows it to sit firmly within the outer case, with no movement.

In very fine condition, though a little thinning to the bow. The high dome crystal is also fine and the bezel snaps shut nicely.

OUTER CASE : Yellow gold pair case with rose gold catch button and engraved floral panel in the back. Also six floral enamel panels around the bezel and two wonderful enamel portraits on the back.

Wonderful condition throughout. There appears to be an area of restoration to the left side of the male portrait, but this has been expertly done.

Isaac Soret & Fils are listed in Geneva in 1765, which is about right for this watch.