Stock No. : 1282

Peter Parquot
London, c1720
Silver pair cases, 58 mm.
Verge movement


Good early London verge, with a particularly well preserved champleve dial.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with a large and well engraved and pierced winged balance cock, showing large mask on the neck. Signed ‘PETER PARQUOT, LONDON’. Four Egyptian pillars. The table of the balance cock is stabilised by a small steel bracket. This is a feature found on a few early 18th century London verges.

In generally good condition, with just some scratches at the pillar tops and plate, a little wear to the gilding, and an old repair to the regulator plate (hidden by the balance cock). Running well.

DIAL : Silver champleve dial, with signed central disk (PARQUOT, LONDON). In excellent condition. Nice original 18th century steel hour hand and replacement minute.

The small steel pin, used to unlock the movement catch, is missing, though the catch itself is fine and the movement is held firmly in the case.

INNER CASE : Silver, with rubbed makers mark. In good condition, though the pendant and bow are later replacements. The hinge has the central sleeve missing, but is otherwise fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly. The high dome bull’s eye crystal is also fine.

OUTER CASE : Silver, with seven sleeve square hinge. Maker’s mark WH under a crown. The hinge and catch are fine (replacement catch spring) and the case closes correctly. There are small light bruises to the back, but generally good.

The outer case is slightly too big for the inner, so is probably not original to the movement. However it is of the correct style (with the very large square hinge) and age for the movement.

Peter Parquot is listed in London until his bankruptcy in 1723.