Stock No. : 1228

Helie Boursault
Chatellerault, France, c1680
Gilt repousse case
Verge, single hand movement


An early ‘oignon’ single handed verge, in good condition, in an interesting gilt case.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with a large engraved and nicely pierced, balance bridge. Fully signed.

In exceptional condition and running well.

This is a single handed watch (hour hand only). The hand is driven directly from the fusee arbor (see photo).

DIAL : Beautiful white enamel in excellent condition, with just a couple of scratches near the centre and a little wear around the edges. One of the dial pins (fixing it to the movement) is short but the dial is held firmly by the other two.

The steel hand, which is in good condition, appears to be original.

CASE : A wonderful repousse gilt brass case, with armorial on the back and engraved with the motto “LE BON CHEVALIER BAYARD SANS PEUR ET SANS REPROCHE” (The good knight Bayard without fear and beyond reproach).

The case is in very good condition with just a little wear to the gilding on the high points of the repousse work. The stem is original. The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut nicely.

High dome crystal, in good condition.

The knight Bayard refers to Pierre Terrail, seigneur de Bayard (1473 – 1524). The crest on the back of the case is that of the Bayard family. (The Château Bayard is in the Rhône-Alpes area of France).

Helie Boursault is listed in Chatellerault around 1680.