Stock No. : 1194

Vaucher Freres
Geneva, c1820
Silver case
Verge clockwatch movement


This is a very rare and wonderful quality, substantial silver clock watch, with hour repetition and half hour self striking.

MOVEMENT : Signed (Vaucher Freres) and numbered (11419) gilded verge movement with gold balance wheel.

The watch automatically chimes the number of hours on a single gong. The half hours are struck with a single chime. This automatic chime can be disabled by sliding the lever which is placed on the edge of the dial at 7.

The hour repeating function is activated by pushing down the button on the top of the stem.

The movement is in very good condition and both watch and chiming functions are working well.

DIAL : Signed white enamel. In good condition except for a repair around the top winding aperture. Blued steel Breguet style hands.

CASE : Silver, with signed and numbered gilt cuvette. Milled band and plain back.

All in very good condition with just some light scratches to the back. The cuvette and covers all close correctly, and the hinges are fine. The high dome crystal has a few chips around the edge, but these are mostly hidden by the bezel.

Vaucher Freres are listed in Geneva from around 1780 to 1830.