Stock No. : 1178

Markwick & Markham
London, c1770
Gilt brass & horn quadruple cases, 102 mm.
Verge movement


A very large quadruple cased verge, made for the Turkish market.

MOVEMENT : Gilded movement with 4 very ornate pillars, blued screws, and engraved and pierced ‘lace edged’ balance cock. The movement is signed (Marckwick & Marckham) and numbered (11946). It is in reasonable condition, with a few scratches, and is running well.

DIAL : The signed (Marckwick, Marckham & Perigal) white enamel dial, with Turkish numerals, is in very fine condition with no repairs, and just one small hairline across the edge at 10. Unusual gilt brass hands.

INNER CASE : Gilt brass, stamped with maker’s mark AA and the movement serial number (11946). The very high dome crystal is fine.

SECOND CASE : Gilt brass, and stamped with maker and serial number as the inner. Engraved to rims.

THIRD CASE : Gilt brass with horn covering, underpainted to resemble tortoiseshell.  The horn is complete with no damage or restoration. There are no pins missing.

FOURTH CASE : Huge repousse gilt brass case, and again in very good condition. For all 4 cases, the hinges and catches are fine and the cases close correctly. The gilding to the brass is worn in places and stained in others. They may benefit from light polishing. The outer 3 cases are lined with purple velvet. This is worn in places.

James Markwick was originally partnered with his son in law Robert Markham. Markham retained both names, and later partnered with Francis Perigal (1751 to 1825). The movement shows signs of modification, notably the addition of a large dial false plate and repositioning of the mainspring barrel, so this might have been added to accommodate the larger cases and dial. This might explain why the dial has an extra signature to the movement (movement originally made by Markham but the larger dial and case added by Markham & Perigal). The spelling of Marckwick and Marckham on both dial and movement is unusual (usually without the ‘c’).