Stock No. : 1023

Paris, c1780
Gold & enamel case
Verge movement


Beautiful little Paris gold cased verge, in a diamond set gold case with ‘grisaille’ enamel portrait. All in very nice condition.

MOVEMENT : Good gilt verge movement, with nicely engraved and pierced balance cock. Fully signed (L’Epine, Hger. du Roy, Paris). All in very good original condition with the gilding still bright. Running well.

DIAL : White enamel dial, signed as the movement. Very good condition with just a few small scratches around the edge. Gem set hands (one tiny stone missing).

CASE : Rose gold, with multi coloured gold decoration applied to the back and diamond set borders and decoration around the enamel portrait and the front bezel. One larger diamond set into the catch button. The stem is stamped on both sides with 18th century French gold marks.

The case is in very good condition, with just one shallow bruise (visible only from the inside on the edge at 7 o’clock). The diamond borders and decoration on the back are complete, with no stones missing. The charming grisaille enamel plaque is in quite good condition, with no repairs, but some scratches and tiny chips around the edge.

The hinges and catches are fine and the case snaps shut nicely.

Jean Antoine Lepine worked in Paris (from Geneva) from 1744 until 1810. During some of this time he was the horologer to Louis XV.