Stock No. : 0765

Francis Perigal
London, 1807
Gold pair cases
Cylinder movement


A substantial gold cylinder watch, by a good London maker, in a heavy solid rose gold case.

MOVEMENT : Wonderful quality cylinder movement, fully signed and numbered (22078). Finely pierced and engraved balance cock with diamond endstone. The movement is protected by a removable gilt dust cover, also signed and numbered to match the movement. The movement is running well and is in very good original condition.

DIAL : 44.5 mm. White enamel dial. Short scratch between 2 and 3 but otherwise perfect. Nice gold hands.

CASE : 50.25 mm. Solid rose gold, fully hallmarked for 18ct gold, London 1807, maker DW. The bezel, back cover and case all have matching hallmarks. The case is also stamped with the movement number (22078).
All in good condition. There is a monogram engraved on the back which has worn, but no dents, significant scratches or repairs. The crystal has a few scratches but no chips. The hinges are fine.

The total case weight (excluding movement and crystal) is 63 gms.

Francis Perigal (III) was at Royal Exchange, London from about 1778 and died in 1843.