Stock No. : 0755

Andrew Foulds
London, c1770
Gilt and enamel pair cases
Cylinder clockwatch movement


A very rare clock watch, in a beautifully enamelled pair case.

MOVEMENT : Signed gilt brass verge movement, with four pillars, engraved balance cock and plate, and diamond endstone. The watch strikes on the bell, on the hour and quarter, using 2 hammers. The hours are chimed with a single bell and the quarters with a double strike. The movement is complete, in good condition and both watch and strike are running well. The strike can be switched off by a lever on the bezel at 3 (marked S/N).
The movement is protected by a removable gilt dustcap.

DIAL : 41 mm. A very elegant white enamel dial. Perfect except for a scratch between 7 & 8 and a light hairline running from 8 to the centre at a small repair. Beautiful 18th century gold beetle and poker hands.

INNER CASE : 45.25 mm. Pierced gilt brass. In good condition throughout, though with wear to the gilding. The high dome crystal is fine. There is a small slot on the bezel at 10 (maybe for a touch piece).

OUTER CASE : 55.5 mm. This is a wonderful case. Pierced gilt brass with pearl set bezel and pearl set blue guilloche enamel back. Excellent condition. Very little wear to the gilding. A couple of the pearls are replacements and there is a scratch to the blue enamel at around 5. The central enamel plaque has surface scratches but no restoration.

Andrew Foulds is listed in London around 1770.