Stock No. : 0716

Thomas Tompion
London, c1699
Silver case
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Fully signed and numbered (2798 – partially obscured by the pillar top, but confirmed elsewhere). Very good original condition and running well. No modifications or repairs. Nice reeded balance wheel, unusual but other late 17th century examples are known. The dial plate is stamped with the movement number (2798, see photo).

DIAL : 40.5 mm. Late 18th century polychrome enamel. Hairlines from the edges at 9 and 4 and a few marks and scratches around the edges, but an attractive dial. Good 18th century steel beetle and poker hands.

The dial false plate appears to be original to the movement, with original feet and no holes added to the movement plate. The dial itself has lost it’s feet and has been soldered to the dial false plate.

CASE : 47.85 mm. Marked with the serial number (2798) and maker (I.FV). The high dome crystal is fine, the catch and hinge are good. The case snaps shut nicely. A nice heavy case in fine condition. I believe that this case is original to the movement, though the bow is later.

The serial number (2798) on the movement dates this movement to just before 1700.