Stock No. : 0545

Antoine Esquivilion
Geneva, c1725
Silver pair cases
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : This early verge movement is signed ‘Antoine Esquivilion”. Beautifully engraved and pierced balance cock and large square pillars. It is in good condition and is running well. The steel coqueret (a keyhole shaped plate) works as a balance endstone and is attached by a screw to the balance cock. This may be a later addition.

DIAL : The later, though early (mid 18th century) white enamel dial is about 38 mm in diameter. Good condition but with some surface scratches and three hairlines. No repairs.

INNER CASE : Silver. Diameter 44.5 mm. No hallmarks or maker’s mark. The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut nicely. The silver is in good condition and the stem appears to be original though the small bow is a replacement.

OUTER CASE : Silver. Diameter 51 mm. This is a beautiful, early, repousse case. No hallmarks. Some wear to the high points and some pin holes but no repairs or filling. The hinge, catch and button are fine and the case snaps shut nicely.

Loomes lists Antoine Esquivilion in Geneva between 1720 and 1732.