Stock No. : 0512

James Payne
London, c1800
Gilt pair cases
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Good quality gilded verge movement, with nice blued screws and diamond endstone. It is signed (James Payne, 17 Foster Lane, London) and numbered (2915). Very nice, clean condition with the gilding still bright, no scratches and the screw heads still blued. All is original and it is running well.

DIAL : 42.5 mm. The white enamel dial, with an unusual chapter ring, is in good condition with just some light surface scratches and a light hairline running across the top between 11 and 12. Nice gold coloured fleur de lys hands.

INNER CASE : 46.5 mm. Gilt on brass. Good condition though the gilding almost complete. High dome bull’e eye crystal with some surface scratches but no chips or damage. Hinges fine and the case snaps shut nicely. The pendant/bow is a replacement as the gilding is a different colour to the rest of the case, though it has been very well done.

OUTER CASE : 52.5 mm. Brass gilt, maker’s mark GC. Excellent condition, with hinge and catch fine. Closes nicely.

Loomes lists James Payne, of Foster Lane, London between 1785 and 1832.