Stock No. : 0267

Creak & Smith
London, 1832
Silver pair cases
Verge quarter repeating movement


This is an hour/quarter repeating pocket watch, in silver pair cases, made around 1832 by Creak & Smith in London.

MOVEMENT : Both movement and protective brass dustcap are signed “Creak & Smith, London” and numbered (10519). High quality movement with blued screws and diamond endstone. The movement incorporates an hour/quarter repeating function which is activated by the pushing down the stem. The repeater mechanism has two hammers which strike the bell once for each hour and twice for each quarter.

Both watch movement and repeating function are working. The watch runs well, to within a minute per hour and the repeater has a good clear chime, though the quarter chime needs some synchronisation with the movement as it is about 10 minutes out.

DIAL : The matt silver dial is about 35mm in diameter. There are a few scratches to the matt surface but not too bad. The high dome crystal is fine.

Matching blued steel hands.

INNER CASE : Full London hallmarks for 1832, maker’s mark IH. Nicely engraved and pierced band with engraved bevel. The hinge is fine and the case snaps shut nicely. No bad scratches and just a slight dent to the pierced band.

OUTER CASE : The same silver hallmarks as the inner. The beautifully engraved and pierced silver is in very good condition with no dents, bad scratches, wear or repairs. The hinge is perfect, as is the catch though the release button is slightly worn. The case is about 46mm in diameter.

Loomes lists Creak & Smith in London from 1740.