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Jonathan Puller
London, c1690
Verge movement & dial

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MOVEMENT : Signed and numbered (571).
Large engraved and pierced balance cock, with birds and foliage. Four tulip pillars.

MOVEMENT CONDITION : Very dirty, but complete except for the balance. The movement winds and runs down freely from mainspring to verge escape wheel. One steel screw missing from the top plate.

MOVEMENT SIZE : 9.25 mm between the plates. Top plate 37.25 mm. Dial plate 38 mm.

DIAL : Later, white enamel, in poor condition. No hands but complete with motion wheels.

DIAL SIZE : 39.75 mm. (dial false plate).

Jonathan Puller, of Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, London, was apprenticed in 1676 and free of the Watchmakers Company from 1683.